LeBron James Using The Tampa Bay Buccaneers In Lakers Team Madden Tourney

The Los Angeles Lakers decided to fill some of their time in the NBA Bubble by having a Madden tournament, and look who LeBron James decided to roll with! Perhaps the most surprising part of the exchange between The King and the game's twitter account was that they're still playing Madden 20! As you can see below, James makes a plea to the video game makers to get them Madden 21!

Our friend Carmen Vitali liked the move!

So, while EA Sports may have tweeted that the King was playing with the Goat (using emojis), he either had to be using Jameis Winston and last year's Buccaneers' roster, or LeBron or someone within the Lakers group would have had to make the roster adjustments (Or I guess download a new roster because you can do that, right?) and for some reason I'm desperate to know!

We'll await LeBron's response........

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