Buccaneers WR Justin Watson Impressing Early In Battle For No. 3 WR Job

Buccaneers Justin Watson

We’ve written extensively about the all-important training camp battle for the Bucs WR3 job, and Bruce Arians may have shed some light on the frontrunner for the spot, at least as of mid-August.

“The guy that’s looking really really good is Justin Watson,” Arians said. “He lost 10 pounds and I think he hit 21 miles an hour the other day on the field, that’s flying. He looked very confident in what he’s doing. Justin, Scotty [Miller], we got a bunch of different pieces there. Jonathan Franklin looked good, [Bryant] Mitchell has looked good, it’s a battle for three, four, five and six, and we might have different packages for the different three.”

Unmentioned is heralded fifth-round pick Tyler Johnson, who was one of the most productive receivers in college football at Minnesota, but could be off to a slow start due to how little rookies have been able to be on the field this offseason. The former Golden Gopher also hasn’t practiced much with the team yet due to minor injury.


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images

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