Pat And Aaron Complete First Of Its Kind Safer At Home Radio Giveaway!

OK, so maybe we're not 100% certain that we're the first radio show in the country to pull off a safer-at-home radio giveaway, but we're going to claim we are until someone tells us we're wrong! Watch and listen to the hilarious moment when Steve the Goon shows up at Aaron's loft for his winnings!

With today's restrictions, it's nearly impossible to do radio giveaways, but Aaron came up with the brilliant idea to slide this backpack right out of its sealed packaging into the hands of a winner (Steve) so that there would be no chance of contamination during the giveaway. Watch and listen to the way it all went down!

This was so fun we'll be searching both of our homes for any kind of swag we might have to be able to drop off the balcony, because well, that's what Goons do, and as Aaron likes to say, "we're all in this together!"

The boys were so proud of their accomplishment that they cracked open a crowler of their Goon Squad IPA in the final hour of the show!

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