Carmen Vitali Talks Brady Signing, Locker Room Dynamics, And The Number 12

It appears that the initial cynicism that Tom Brady could sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was even prevalent inside the building. reporter Carmen Vitali joined Pat & Aaron Friday, and said when the hushed whispers began, she went to one of her co-workers to ask about it, and they kind of chuckled. However, the six-time Super Bowl champion is now a part of the team, and everyone with the team couldn't be happier.

Carmen discusses how she thinks the locker room dynamic will change with Brady there, what sort of discussions Chris Godwin should be having with the quarterback about his number, and with COVID-19 grinding life to a halt, what she's binge watching on Netflix.

Click below to listen to the entire conversation

Cover Photo: Carmen Vitali/Instagram. Used with permission.

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