Wiring Up For Debate Reaction at USF

TAMPA -- Some Florida college students and professors will be giving their "gut reactions" to tonight's Democratic presidential debate.

The 20 students and faculty members at the University of South Florida in Tampa will be hooked up to sensors that measure biometric responses to certain candidates and issues... to identify "high and low points" in the debate.

USF's Muma College of Business has one of the biggest biometric labs in the world.

Instructor Rob Hammond says it's not like a poll because biometrics aren't filtered by the brain.

Hammond and students will collect and analyze the data alongside Shimmer, a wireless sensor company that is partnering with USF. Shimmer has previously measured reaction during the Super Bowl and a Brexit debate in the UK, according to a Shimmer release.

Results are expected one hour after the debate ends.

Photo: Getty Images

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