Toddler Scalded With Boiling Water, Tampa Man Arrested

TAMPA -- A 19-year-old man faces serious charges after a toddler in his care suffered severe burns.

Hillsborough deputies say a three year old got taken to Tampa General Hospital February 5th with second degree burns to the lower extremities, that occurred the day before.

Deputies say Christopher Reddick, the mother's boyfriend, told her that he used up all the hot water in the heater when he took a shower... and heated up a pot of water for the child's bath. He claimed that the child's sibling walked in front of him, causing him to trip and spill the water on the child. Detectives say he became argumentative when they tried to talk with him.

Emergency room doctors say the child's injuries are consistent with being plunged into hot water, rather than spillage from above.

Reddick is charged with aggravated child abuse and child neglect, both with great bodily harm. He's also accused of carrying a concealed firearm... and of scratching off its serial number.

Photo: HCSO

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