Super Bowl XLIV Day One Recap: Photos/Video/Audio

The first day of the annual Super Bowl radio row always is labeled as the slowest day of the week as the nation of football fans, players and celebrities are still making their way to the great city of Miami. However the cloud surrounding the passing of sports icon Kobe Braynt showered many conversations around the row, but only to be celebrated later that night at Marlins park as the NFL paid homage to the late mamba. What followed what a lot to behold with celebrities and much more!

Earlier in the day, Pat & Aaron were joined by national comedian Costaki Economopoulos and former Buccaneers player Randy Grimes. Below you can find the interviews from today's broadcast.

Also later in the day marked the return of NFL analyst Ross Tucker to the Ron & Ian Show.

All photos courtesy of WDAE

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