Cover 3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans, You Played Yourself

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Arians

Cover 3 is a weekly feature column written by’s Tampa Bay Bucs beat writer Trevor Sikkema published every Tuesday. The column, as its name suggests, comes in three phases: a statistical observation, an in-depth film breakdown, and a “this or that” segment where the writer asks the reader to chose between two options.

Sikkema’s Stat of the Week

Alright, I should probably explain that title right away so you guys don’t get mad at me.

I’ll give you the main message of it now and explain it as we go on.

This entire rebuild – or reload, whatever you want to call it – was never meant for 2019, we just fell for the bait.

Every year there is that surprise team that makes the playoffs. There are the six or eight teams across both conferences that make the postseason that most could’ve called at the beginning of the year. But we all know that there are always one or two teams that shock the world and make it in with an unexpected great year.

We told ourselves that could be the Buccaneers.


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