The Good And The Bad Through Six Games: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Edition

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Sitting at a 2-4 record at the bye week, the Bucs record isn’t what the players, coaches, and many fans expected them to be at during their week off.

There’s been a series of ups and downs this season for the Bucs, with the highest of highs coming in an upset win over the Los Angeles Rams in Week 4, to the lowest of lows coming from last Sunday, where seven turnovers committed in London gave Tampa Bay their worst loss of the season and two straight defeats.

With the players having a week off before they play the Titans in Week 8, we examine the good and the bad from the offense, defense, and special teams.


The Good

Improved Rushing Attack

Bruce Arians said the Bucs were going to run the ball more once he took over as head coach and he has stuck to his word. The Bucs are averaging 98.2 yards per game, which is 13 yards higher then the Bucs’ 85.5 average through six games in 2018, but you also have to factor in who was running the ball. Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick were the Bucs second and third leading rushers in 2018, accounting for 433 yards of the Bucs rushing offense.


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