Friday Night Arians Wants Better Execution From Young Players

The fastest way to get the ire of any coach is for a player to not follow instructions. And as a young player, trying to impress your head coach, who has the responsibility of selecting the best 53 players of approximately 90 players trying to make a team, follow instructions is paramount. Well, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers first preseason game on Friday in Pittsburgh, a game in which the team committed 14 penalties, head coach Bruce Arians gave his young players a message. And the message leaves little room for interpretation. Arians met with the media on Wednesday following the second day of joint practices with the Miami Dolphins & stated he told his young players, if you get penalties you're not making the team.

Arians also told the media he's looking for his younger players, who will likely play as much as they did in the first preseason game, to execute better on Friday night against the Dolphins.

Click below to hear the full interview with Arians



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