Arians Happy With Quarterbacks But Mad At Defensive Backs

The goal of any player in any sport is to keep their coach happy. But even better is when a coach uses words like outstanding to describe a player's performance. And outstanding is exactly how Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians said he felt about his quarterbacks on Saturday night after the team's training camp practice. Outstanding because for the first time in training camp, the team's quarterbacks completed 11 on 11 & seven on seven drills without throwing an interception. That's not to say the defense did not have its chances at recording an interception. And in the video below, you'll see Arians' praise for his quarterbacks comes with disappointment pointed at his defensive backs.


Also during his time with the media following Saturday night's training camp practice, which again took place indoors, Arians also pointed out that the offense has been able to find some rhythm because the offense is seeing a lot of the defensive plays for a second time. But that didn't mean the defense wasn't still making impact plays. One of the defenses biggest plays on Saturday is shown in the video below during first team 11 on 11 drills. The defense showed three down linemen but blitzed & were able to get to quarterback Jameis Winston.


Winston was able to bounce back later in the practice, when he steps up to complete this long pass to wide receiver Mike Evans.


All in all, Arians again stated he liked the ebb & flow of the practice. The players are off on Sunday but practice again on Monday at 8 am, which will be Military Appreciation Day at the Advent Health Training Center. And Arians stated he's expecting his team to practice better than the last time they returned from a day off, which in his words, was the worst practice of training camp.

Click below to hear the full interview with Arians



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