Jay's 10 Takeaways From Bucs Training Camp (8/1/19)


10 Takeaways From Buccaneers Training Camp (8/1/19)

1) Oh Jameis....a couple of really nice throws to Mike Evans and Cameron Brate, but the interceptions just make people go "UGH!!!" I saw three picks today, with MJ Stewart, D'Cota Dixon and Carlton Davis all getting their hands on one. There were other throws that were either too high or came out too quick and there just wasn't that consistency with his receivers. Still early on in camp, but the passing game didn't look too crisp today.

2) With that being said, after practice tonight Bruce Arians voiced his displeasure with all of the drops from his receivers. Justin Watson, who did make a pretty "grimy" catch later on, dropped another one and Scotty Miller put one on the ground as well.

3) Breshad Perriman and Chris Godwin have really stood out to me in this Camp. You just sit there and can see the skill of Perriman. You get why the Ravens drafted him so high. I love the awareness that he has of the boundary, and if he can stay healthy, I think he can have a really good season for the Bucs. With Godwin, it's just the work ethic man. This guy is just busting his ass in every rep during and after practice. He may not reach 100 catches or 10 TDs this season, but it won't be lack of effort that's for sure.


4) Some will say, cough cough, that Cameron Brate should be traded, but you can NOT get rid of this guy. He is such a safety valve for Winston and he is always hauling in tough catches and doing a great job of using his body to shield off defenders.


5) Watching the O-Line with Mr. Ian Beckles, we noticed the footwork of Evan Smith. Yeah, he's a vet and probably not at the level of his younger days, but he is so proficient in his movements and it speaks to why he is still in the league after all these years.

6) Donovan Smith just doesn't look right. We know he's been dealing with some sort of an Achilles issue, but he just doesn't have that burst right now. If he's hurt, rest would probably be best, but I'm sure I'm not writing something that Arians and the staff doesn't already know about. Definitely something to keep an eye though moving forward.

7) Devin Freakin' White. On two plays in particular during 11 on 11's, he just sliced through the offensive line with ease and made the stop in the backfield. He also made a great play defending Andre Ellington on a wheel route knocking the ball away at the very last second to cause the incompletion. You're going to see that #45 all over the field this season.

8) I'm not sure if it's because of the talent of the opposition or if it's because they are just that good, but Ndamukong Suh and Vita Vea continue to impress. It's hard to assess Jameis' play at times, because he's got the rush in his face so quickly. With Suh, Vea, White and David in the middle of that Bucs defense, I'm curious to see if that can translate to the regular season. If it does, watch out!


9) Matt Gay sure has some power, but at least two more missed kicks today, both from 56, and a couple more that were really tough to call from our vantage point.


10) Another successful Women of Red night for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization. A lot of smiling faces tonight, with one lady screaming "Go get 'em Jameison" at the top of her lungs. Gotta love Bucs fans!



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