Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians Saw Too Many Dropped Passes

The evaluation was quick & direct. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians, not one to mince words, met with the media on Thursday night after the team's training camp practice & stated the receivers dropped too many passes. Included in Arians' evaluation was how the receivers performance kept the quarterbacks from getting into a rhythm.

Artians did say he loved the ebb & flow of the practice because both sides were able to make positives play. One of the better plays by the defense on Thursday was an interception by rookie safety D'Cota Dixon on a pass thrown by quarterback Jameis Winston. On the play, shown in the video below, Winston stepped up in the pocket but Dixon jumped up from his safety position to pick off the pass.


When asked for his thoughts on the interception thrown by Winston, Arians said, "Next time just run the ball."

Arians also explained the purpose of the night practices this week are to get the team ready for its Thursday night game in week two at Carolina.

Click below to hear the full interview with Arians



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