Guy Goes To Jail After Using UFC Fighter To Catfish Women Out Of 20K

We all know the internet world of catfishing is a crazy one. I'll never understand how people think they are talking to celebrities, but it has happened again.A supermarket worker in Europe used former UFC champ, Cody Garbrandt's pictures to get 20 thousand bucks out of women on Tinder!

According to the BBC, Swansea Crown Court heard that Davies used Garbrandt's picture to attract vulnerable women to his Tinder profile then, after gaining their confidence, began "spinning stories" to lay the groundwork for requests for money to help fund his gambling addiction.

He got sentenced to 34 months in jail, after catfishing 8 different women. One lady gave him over 10 thousand dollars before a friend's nephew alerted her that the pictures were actually a UFC fighter from California.


Photo credit - South Wales Police


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