The Specially Fit Games


 The Specially Fit Games

On August 10th,2019 The Special Needs Community is going to make history! The first EVER,Special Needs Competition where athletes who make the podium will earn cash and various prizes. The Specially Fit Games is giving out over $5,000 in cash and prizes to event winners. 

Athletes all over the state will have a chance to earn various rewards while competing;we believe just because someone has an intellectual disability, doesn't mean they should only earn a ribbon or a medal. We want to change history, and hopefully, be able to offer the opportunity for these incredible athletes to make a living one day doing what they love most!

How To Register

  You must have a disability and apply online on our website. Our committee will then review the application and send out an acceptance letter if approved; there are limited number of spots available.

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Power Lifting Competition

Combo 2- Deadlift and Bench Press

Combo 3- Deadlift, Bench Press and Back Squat

Weight classes:

1)100-150 lbs.

2)150-200 lbs.



Awards given to:

*Podium finishers of each weight class

*Heaviest combined weight

*Heaviest weight lifted subtracted from body weight

Functional Fitness

This competition is for people who have experience in high intensity training. They have experience in slam balls, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises such as air squats, burpees, push-ups and sit ups. This division is going to be held to a high standard;each athlete will have a judge and must perform the movement properly in order for the workout to count. This competition will consist of 3 workouts and potentially 1 surprise workout,and will be the highest pay out, so we highly recommend all participants practice these workouts multiple times as they will be challenging.

Field Day Events

Anybody can do these events based on their ability levels;there will be 10-12 events that each participant will go around the field to participate in. There will be judges at each station that will sign off once the participant finishes. These events will include things such as tennis ball throw, 100 m run, sit- ups (can be assisted),and football toss. These events can be done in any order and must be completed by a specific time. 

 The goal of every event is to empower each person in feeling successful!


  This is a high-end competition at Valor Fitness10351 72nd St N,Seminole, FL. We wanted to provide a first class venue. This event is going to take place where many professional fitness athletes compete on a weekly basis: Valor Fitness; one of the most recognized,prestigious,and well respected fitness arenas in the area.


We are going to need 50+ volunteers for this event doing various tasks from judging, cheering, equipment breakdown, organization and even supplying our athletes with water. If you can help be a part of something special and dedicate some of your day to make someone else a lifelong memory, please head over to our website to register as a volunteer.

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