Tiger Woods And Former Coach In War Of Words Over Radio Show Suspension

It's been a wild week former Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney, who now co-hosts a show on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio. Last week Haney was suspended over controversial comments regarding the U.S. Women's Open where Haney was showing an indifference to women's golf and mocking the fact that many top players are Korean.

Although what Haney stated on air by picking a winner named "Lee" actually did come true with Jeongeun Lee taking home the win this past weekend.

No matter however but Woods was asked last week at The Memorial about his former coach getting a suspension over those remarks, and offered some sharp criticism over them.

"Hes deserved it," Woods said. "Just can't look at life like that. And he obviously said what he meant, and he got what he deserved"

It only took a couple of days for Haney to get word of Woods' comments, and shot off this tweet.

No word yet on if Woods will return serve following these comments digging into Tiger's troubles from years ago.

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