Archer Draws Ire From St. Pete Mayor

Chris Archer played parts of six season at Tropicana Field as pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, but now wearing a different uniform, has decided to take shots at the place he once called home.

Speaking in Bradenton Thursday, Archer said he can definitely see the Rays moving out of Tampa Bay once their use agreement at Tropicana Field is up in 2027.

"The fact of the matter is you have to have the fans to come support the team," Archer told Mike Cairns of Spectrum Sports. "And there are great fans in St. Pete. I just don't think there's enough people to support the team.

"It's not dense enough for a major league ball club. The only reason I say that is because there's been a team for 20 years and the last ten they've been bottom of third in attendance, so the numbers speak for themselves."

Needless to say, that drew the ire of Mayor Rick Kriseman, who delivered a terse response to the Pirates pitcher's comments.

CORRECTION: Archer’s comments were made to Mike Cairns of Spectrum Sports.

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