Rays Get Ready For Spring Training

The Tampa Bay Rays may not start practicing for another couple of weeks, but the team has already started the preparations for Spring Training.

Wednesday, the clubhouse attendants and other staff helped get the first of what will be two 26-foot moving trucks full of supplies and equipment packed and ready to head to their Spring Training facility in Port Charlotte.

Rays home clubhouse manager Ryan Denlinger says he and his team have been preparing for Spring Training most of the offseason, but the task continues to grow every year.

"It seems like there's just more and more stuff every single year," Denlinger said Wednesday. "That's the challenge. There's more equipment. Players get more stuff. The organization gets more stuff. Things keep piling up every year. Everyone has new items for the new season."

For the clubhouse staff, the season starting in late March as opposed to early April doesn't change their timeline much, though along with the 26-foot truck loaded today, they'll have a second one in a week to ensure that nothing gets left behind.

As for some the strangest equipment going down to Port Charlotte, Denlinger said there was "some leftover Seattle Seahawks gear for maybe Blake Snell or [Andrew] Kittredge."

Click below to listen to the entire conversation.

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