The Falcons And Panthers Took A Lot Of Pleasure In The Saints Losing

Rivalries are rivalries. They are part of what makes sports so great. Sometimes when it gets down to it though you see rivals rooting for each other. The SEC chants are well known during college football season. I think those chants are weird, but if you are the Panthers or Falcons should you have been so outwardly rooting against New Orleans yesterday. The team obliterated the NFC south en route to the divisional title this year, but suffered a very controversial loss in the NFC title game. The Falcons I somewhat understand because you don't want to see your biggest rival celebrating on your home field after a Super Bowl victory, but the Panthers? Their season looked promising before they imploded during the 2nd half of the season. Check out some of the tweets below and let us know whether this was fair or foul. The Bucs didn't stoop this low, just FYI!



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