WWE's Toni Storm Gets Hacked, Nude Photos Leaked


I'm usually winding down at this time of night but with the Lightning game being on late, my creative juices are flowing. 

I first heard about Toni Storm a couple years back when the WWE had their first Mae Young Classic in search of a new crop of talented young women to usher in a new generation of female wrestling. 

With the accent, dainty hat she wore to the ring, eye black, and uber-aggressive offense, I thought the WWE really had something here. She didn't win the Classic that year, but in 2018 she did. Everything seemed to be going really well. 

Until now. 

I open up my laptop to see my buddy Steve Carney retweet a tweet from everyone's favorite Gator/wrestler/WorldwideWinner Titus O'Neil in support of Toni Storm. 

What the hell? My heart dropped. You automatically think the worst. 

And then you see that she was hacked and nude photos were leaked of her. 

You feel terrible. You think, "What if that was someone I know?" "What if that was my sister?" 

Also, why the hell would someone do this? 

Is it for a quick buck? Is that REALLY worth it? Come on. There's so many great uses for technology and social media but this just sucks. Benefitting off of something like this is sickening and you pray that karma pays that person back in some way. It's awful. 

It's also a cautionary tale about Toni Storm. 

It's naive to think that people don't take pictures and make videos in this day and age. You know why they do it, but I also think a lot of people don't realize that these hackers out here know what they're doing. I read that this is approximately the 15th current or former wrestler who's been hacked and had their stuff leaked. 

What you do behind closed doors is your business, but if you have it on your phone or on your computer, you're not 100% safe. You have to be aware like something like this COULD happen. 

Regardless of all that, it's still sick that someone would try and profit off of this. I don't really know what motivated me to write all of this and why Toni Storm, but the Bolts are on and I'm strangely excited for this late night matchup with the Kings. 

OK, the game is on, gotta run. Go Bolts 

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