Charles Barkley's Unlikely Friendship

Charles Barkley is known for his size (both height and circumference), his sense of humor, and outspoken demeanor.  But this weekend, we learned about a side of Barkley that you may not see often.

A few years back, Barkley befriended a scientist named Lin Wang, when the two were staying at the same hotel in Sacramento.  Maybe it's best to hear the story from Charles himself.

Wang's daughter Shirley wrote an article for public radio station WBUR detailing her father's friendship with Barkley: including how when Wang learned Barkley's mother had died that he flew to Leeds, Alabama to be there for his friend, and how Barkley was mad when Wang was diagnosed with cancer and didn't tell him.

You can listen to Shirley Wang's story below, but be prepared for the room to get a little dusty.

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