Max Holloway Is A BAD MAN

Max Holloway had won 12 straight fights entering Saturday. Last year he beat the seemingly unbeatable, Jose Aldo, TWICE. He still entered his title defense against Brian Ortega on Saturday as an underdog. Holloway has had a rough year. He had to pull out of a scheduled title defense with Frankie Edgar because of an injury. Ortega took that spot and became the 1st man to knock out Edgar. Holloway then stepped in on short notice for a lightweight title shot with Khabib Nurmagomedov only to be pulled from the fight from the athletic commission, who deemed him unfit to cut weight. After all of that drama he was scheduled to defend his featherweight title against Ortega at UFC 226 in July. All seemed good until fight week. That is when Holloway began to slur his words and was forced to go to the hospital by his team. Doctors still don't have the answers for what went wrong for Max that week. Because of that many questioned whether Max was fit to fight this past weekend against such a strong challenger in Ortega. He proved all of the haters wrong. Ortega was game, but Holloway just overwhelmed him. His volume striking was just amazing and he threw almost 200 strikes in the 4th round. After that round doctors stopped the fight because Ortega's left eye was swollen shut. Check out the highlights below and let us know who you want to see "Blessed" fight next. 



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