Dirk Koetter Doesn’t Second Guess Decision To Start Ryan Fitzpatrick

Buccaneers Dirk Koetter

It was once again another game where the Bucs fought for a comeback after a switch at quarterback and cut it very close. Yet just like last time, the Bucs fell short of their goal despite the spark off the bench, this time from Jameis Winston. Head coach Dirk Koetter took to the podium and answered questions about the Bucs 38-35 loss.

(On the turnovers)

“We can’t put a depleted defense in the situation that we’re doing, including a pick six, we can’t do that. It’s not a good recipe to be successful.

(On how Jameis Winston was out there)

“Fantastic, you didn’t need to ask me that question, that’s pretty obvious. He came in and lit it up.”

(On if the decision to start Ryan Fitzpatrick over Jameis Winston was a close one)

“Yeah, close. I’ve been saying all along that Jameis’ day was going to come back. That’s water under the bridge right now.”


Photo Courtesy Of Getty Images


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