Dirk Koetter On Tampa Bay Buccaneers Loss “I’m Not Getting My Point Across”

Buccaneers Dirk Koetter

For the second straight week, the Bucs found themselves in a game where they were down by a lopsided score in the first half, only to rally back in the second before coming up short. Head coach Dirk Koetter went to the podium to discuss the Bucs second straight loss.

(On the pattern and trends that the team has played)

“We tried to take the ball first to try to change it up, they deferred so we got it anyway. We put our defense in two holes with the interception and the fake punt, but you’re exactly right, we’re in this pattern of where we go out, we get behind, we get killed in the second quarter then we rally like hell in the third quarter, then everyone thinks we’re back in it and we fade out at the end. It’s definitely the pattern we’re in, if I knew one thing to fix it I would do it right now, but I don’t know what that is.”

(On if the mishaps by the defense in the first half was execution by the Panthers or missed tackles)

“Well, they had a couple of really nice double reverse plays that they threw in there and got us on two 30 yard runs, but our tackling was very poor in the first half. We did much beter int he second half, but that first half, we just looked like a bad tackling football team in the first half.


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