Dirk Koetter Doesn’t Commit To Buccaneers Starting QB At Carolina

Buccaneers Dirk Koetter

It was a hard fought comeback by the Bucs, but ultimately they lost 37-34 on a last second field goal. Head coach Dirk Koetter took to the podium after the game to address the media. Here is the full transcript from his postgame press conference.

(On Jameis Winston’s four interceptions and bringing in Ryan Fitzpatrick)“I did (bring in Fitzpatrick), but it worked out the way it worked out. He (Jameis Winston) threw that long touchdown to DeSean (Jackson) so we waited a little bit longer.”

(On the explanation he got about the delay of game penalty at the end)“Well he picked up the ball and ran it. The explanation given to me was that it was clearly down and the whistle blew, that was the explanation I got.”

(On the defensive improvement from the first half to second half)“We just got the ball. They had 115 rushing yards on us in the first half and we jumped offsides four times. In the second half we did better in both areas, we stopped the run, they only had like 20 yards rushing in the second half. We didn’t tackle well, they were getting us with that same play, they were getting us on the open side A or B gap, so, we got to do better. That’s why defensive coaches talk about stopping the run all the time, that’s what they were getting on us in the first half.”




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