Tampa Bay Bucs Continue Their Prime Time Narrative; Is The FitzMagic Gone?

Buccaneers - Ryan Fitzpatrick

Cover 3 is a weekly feature column written by PewterReport.com’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat writer Trevor Sikkema published every Tuesday. The column, as its name suggests, comes in three phases: a statistical observation, an in-depth film breakdown, and a “this or that” segment where the writer asks the reader to chose between two options.

Sikkema’s Stat of the Week

If you listened to this week’s Pewter Nation Podcast you heard a very animated version of myself. I had just watched the Buccaneers lose a game they shouldn’t have before hitting the record button, so that was my raw, natural reaction to it all. Not only should they have won Monday night’s game against the Steelers, for the first time in a long time there wasn’t even the aura of “Oh well, not like it mattered in the long run anyways” since the team hasn’t been close to the playoffs in quite some time outside of 2016 – a year where they weren’t even that good.

This year that loss could mean something, in the end, and it means something now, too. And to watch Tampa Bay shoot itself in the foot time and time and time and time again was disappointing.


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