Pewter Report Mailbag: Winston After Suspension, Concerns About Jones

Buccaneers - Jameis Winston

The PR Bucs Monday Mailbag is where’s Mark Cook answers your questions from our @PewterReportTwitter account. You can submit your question each week via Twitter using the hashtag #PRMailbag.

Below are the questions we chose for this week’s edition of the PR Bucs Monday Mailbag. Read them over and offer up your thoughts in the comment section.

Question: Seems like from the first few practices that Winston isn’t being highlighted as much? Even before the suspension this was a big year for him. Seeing anything concerning?

Question: Looks like Ronald Jones has trouble pass blocking and I have been reading he not adept at catching either. I thought one of main reasons of drafting a RB early was to not tip off opponent on run vs. pass based on substitutions. Does he look to not be a multi-dimensional RB?

Questions: What free agent QBs would you like to see the Bucs bring in if Ryan Fitzpatrick or Ryan Griffin go down this preseason with an injury?

Question: Watching Curry and JPP’s interview it seems like the DL has a renewed energy/vibe. Along with the new players and Buckner do you think they can be a top 10 Defense this year?


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