My 10 Takeaways From Bucs Training Camp Today (7/28/18)


My 10 Takeaways From Training Camp Today 

- Mike Evans looked like an absolute beast today, making a couple nice grabs. He is poised for a big year. 

- I know Peyton Barber will most likely get the starting nod at RB, but just watching the way Ronald Jones moves is pretty impressive. His speed grabs your attention every time he's on the field. 

- I heard some fans complaining that there were no bleachers for them to sit during Camp today and I can understand that. However, if they looked to their immediate right, they would see a beautiful indoor facility that they can enjoy when the weather doesn't cooperate. It's a give and take folks! 

- Chandler Catanzaro was a perfect 4 for 4 today kicking field goals. With that being said, there's still an uneasy feeling whenever you see guys lining up for kicks. The Bucs need someone steady to give them a shot in close games this season and I think Catanzaro could be the man to break the "kicker's curse". 

- Jason Pierre-Paul spoke to the media after Camp today and looks like a guy who is ready for the season to start. I think he was a great pickup for the Bucs and after watching pretty much every game of his last year, he's still got plenty left in the tank. He'll help in the pass game for sure, but stopping the run (which Dirk Koetter spoke about today) is where I think he will really make a difference. 

- Center Ryan Jensen didn't practice today but my goodness is he a big dude. As the team was all lined up at the end of the workout, he stood tall amongst the rest. Good luck trying to get to the Bucs QB this season! 

- For all the talk of the "Evil Bucs Media", the general consensus I've gotten from talking to some of the guys covering the team is that this Buccaneers team really has the pieces in place to make some noise in the upcoming 2018 season. Even though they'll be without Winston for three games, the improvements made in other areas should close the gap between the Bucs and the other top teams in the league. 

- Dirk Koetter and the unshaven, five o'clock shadow-look... I dig it! 

- Man, do I love Military Appreciation Day! Both of my grandfathers served in the military and it's always great to see a professional sports team show some love to those who serve this country. Well done, Bucs! 

- Regardless of what has happened in the last few weeks, months and years, it's still nice to see Jameis Winston interact with fans on the sidelines. Watching him speak with the members of the Honor Guard today show you that despite his lapses in judgment, there is still a large part of this fanbase that is behind him and supports him. I hope he learns from his transgressions and when all is said and done, we can look back at Jameis' time here in Tampa Bay favorably. 

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