Gomez Takes Out Frustration On Cooler

After going 16 innings and over five and a half hours on July 3rd, the only fireworks we saw from the Rays on Independence Day came in the dugout.

Tampa Bay was held to just four hits in being shut out by the Miami Marlins 4-0, and early in the contest, Tampa Bay had an opportunity to get a runner into scoring position after C.J. Cron doubled off Jose Urena and Joey Wendle followed up with a walk.  Carlos Gomez tried to sell on a bunt attempt that he was hit by a Urena pitch, but the umpires ruled the pitch a foul ball for strike two and the right fielder struck out on the next pitch.

What came next was a temper tantrum for the ages.

We asked you what you think the appropriate punishment would be for the outburst (assuming there would be one).

How does Gomez's show of emotion compare to one like David Ortiz showed in destroying the dugout phone in Baltimore back in 2013?

Let us know in the comments!

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