Rays' Carlos Gomez Says MLB Random Drug Testing Isn't Random At All

Rays - Carlos Gomez

Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Carlos Gomez says he believes Major League Baseball's random drug testing policy isn't so random at all.  Gomez was a guest of Jeff Passan, Tim Brown, and Mike Oz on the Yahoo Sports MLB Podcast this week, and he shared his thoughts on the way the league drug tests players. Specifically, the players they are drug testing and how often they do it.

“It’s not random. It’s not random. I can put my hand on fire, it’s not random. They pick guys. I think it’s something the way you play, the way you act" said Gomez.  "I’m the oldest guy on the team. I get here earlier than everybody. Why? Because I have to work harder to maintain my body to support the rest of the season. When I do that and they come to you and have a drug test every time, you get furious. You get mad. One month into the season I got like seven drug tests. Something like that. Between five or seven. That’s not right. We have a guy on the team who for sure hasn’t had one drug test.”

Gomez' comments follow the news of MLB all star Robinson Cano’s 80-game suspension after he tested positive for the diuretic furosemide, which violates MLB's drug prevention and treatment program. Cano said he would accept the suspension without appeal.

Gomez spoke out about feeling targeted by MLB drug tests to Yahoo sports.

"I panic. I’m at home in the Dominican, every time I go on vacation I need to call them that I’m going to be that way. I’m going to be there, here, like it’s uncomfortable because anywhere they can show up and give you a test" said Gomez.

"In the Dominican last time twice. And this year I’ve gotten as many drug tests as anyone on the team. Fine, you can do it, but it’s embarrassing. After the game you come to celebrate and they grab you, ‘you need to pee’ or ‘we need your blood.’ In one week I had two blood tests. Two in one week. I mean, like, what are you looking for?"

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