LIVE WITH JAY : Heading to Work with Steven the Lyft Driver

First off, I feel terrible because his name is Daniel, "Dan the Man" to be exact, and not Steven. Before I started recording Daniel was telling me these crazy stories how he used to set the woods on fire by his house and that he pushed his cousin off the roof of his house!! 

I thought the fun had ended there, but luckily I was wrong.... 

Some of the topics we talked about today were : 

- What happened between a 50-year old lady and a 15-year old young man in the back of his car 

- How he got PUNCHED in the face and had to drag two guys out of his car years ago 

- Who his favorite player on the Lightning was 

- Why he ALMOST gave Jon Gruden the business at a restaurant, but his wife put him in check. 

This was one of my favorite rides of all-time and I hope you enjoy it too!! 

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