The Pat and Aaron Show #TrollGianotti Special

OK, so we talked about some other stuff too, but we spent much of this program talking about how Lightning fans must step up and troll this idiot Gregg Gianotti for his besmirching of Dave Mishkin, Phil Esposito,and the entire Lightning fan base. Now it's your turn to activate, Goons!

Spend today filling this schmuck's mentions with the "Troll Gianotti" podcast on our iHeart Radio podcast page (included in blog below this podcast) and tomorrow, call his show, and let him know how many Bolts fans there really are! We've laid the groundwork, now let the trolling begin! 

Let's Troll That Schmuck Gregg Giannotti  - Thumbnail Image

Let's Troll That Schmuck Gregg Giannotti

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