Let's Troll That Schmuck Gregg Giannotti

You don't just talk trash about a couple of Tampa sports and broadcasting icons like Phil Esposito and Dave Mishkin and think Tampa won't respond. So let's troll this Gregg Giannotti and let him know you don't besmirch our city and our greats without hearing about it!

Here's the plan! Go to Twitter (and make sure your friends follow suit) and tweet this fantastic Dave Mishkin - Phil Esposito remix TO THIS JERK GREGG GIANNOTTI <---- (That's a link if you catch on slowly) or at least tweet this blog at him. 

Now, if we really wanted to get creative, you could call Greg's show and start playing this audio to him on the air, on his show! We've laid the ground work for you, goons. We look forward to seeing how creative you get with it. 

Let's go Bolts, and let's #TrollGiannotti! 

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