Patriots Rift Starts With Brady's Guru

Seth Wickersham of ESPN penned an article today detailing a possible rift between head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, with owner Robert Kraft in the middle.  Wickersham mentions a large aspect of the struggle involves Brady's relationship with Alex Guerrero, his business partner and body coach.

Reporters in New England have been throwing up red flags for years about Guerrero.  Chris Sweeney of Boston Magazine had an investigative piece that ran in October of 2015 about him, entitled "Tom Brady’s Personal Guru Is a Glorified Snake-Oil Salesman."

In the piece, Sweeney documents Guerrero depicting himself as "Dr. Alejando Guerrero" and pedaling supplements that he claimed cured "cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis" and saved "terminally ill" patients.  Wickersham's piece also reports that Guerrero was fined as part of a judgment against him by the Federal Trade Commission.

Sweeney also points out that Guerrero has a permanent ban from the FTC.

Read the whole piece below!

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