Coaches Not Dwelling On Locker Room Skirmish

Buccaneers - Dirk Koetter

Post game shouting matches between teammates are more of a symptom of the problem than the problem itself.

In the Bucs locker room Sunday there was a reported skirmish when, per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, a few players apparently didn’t approve of defensive tackle Chris Baker’s jovial demeanor. Coach Dirk Koetter said he didn’t have all the facts as  he wasn’t in the locker room at the time, but that a little confrontation isn’t unusual for a team fresh off a close loss.

“That’s why they call [the minutes after] a cooling off period,” Koetter said Tuesday. “Emotions are running hot. We had a lot of nice opportunities to win [but] we couldn’t do it. No one’s happy about that. I don’t think that would be the first or last time [a shouting match has] ever happened.”

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