Youth Of The (Bucs) Nation

Bucs Rookie Mini-Camp

Here’s how the first three days of training camp have been: Sunny, late showers, some showers, Tropical Storm Emily.

Typical Florida.

When you combine the first day of full pads with the first day of constant wind and rain, you’re sure to get some news one way or another. To start with some good and bad, Bucs quarterback, Jameis Winston, wasn’t wearing any kind of knee protection at all. For him to walk out with no brace in the rain on the first day of contact must mean that he really is completely fine. On the flip side, no practice for the Bucs’ big-name free agent signing, Chris Baker. Baker was seen yesterday with ice on his knee at the end of practice. He was walking and (slightly) dancing around with no tape or brace on the sidelines today, so his injury must not be too bad. They’re probably just making sure they’re safe with whatever caused him to need ice yesterday.

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