Mike Evans One Of Two "Elite" WRs From 2016

Bucs quarterback, Jameis Winston, stirred up the pot quite a bit last week before the first day of mandatory mini camp by saying his Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver, Mike Evans, was every bit as good as fellow divisional wide receiver, Julio Jones. Winston went on to say that he thinks Evans is the best receiver in the entire NFL, too.

As you can imagine, Falcons fans didn’t take too kindly to that notion and the replies to the tweet above are worth a good five minutes of entertainment.

Certainly Winston is a bit biased to vouch for his guy in such a manner, but it’s not like Evans is in a category much lower than Jones. In fact, Evans and Jones were the only two wide receivers in the entire NFL to receive an “elite” grade from Pro Football Focus in 2016.


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